Globe Trotting

Team Country Brazil got the first position.

Globe Trotting

Translamians on trot to various countries of the world stunning knowledge of eight prominent nations of the world displayed to their colleagues and parents fantabulous enjoyment in the school after the parent-teachers meeting on 06/Aug/2016.


Representing UAE

Country : UAE

Representing Country  England

Country : England

Representing Country  Brazil

Country : Brazil

Representing Country Liechtenstein

Country : Liechtenstein

Representing Country France

Country : France

Representing Country Saudi Arabia

Country : Saudi Arabia

Representing Country Italy

Country : Italy

Representing Country  Egypt

Country : Egypt

Judging the representation by Principal and Chief Guest

Principal and Chief Guests

Team Country Brazil got the first position.

Winner Team : Brazil

Principal's Speech on the Importance of Globe Trotting

Addressing on Globe Trotting

End of Event

End of Event

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